Jayna Grassel


Senior Director, Marketing Strategy
Jayna Grassel


I oversee digital marketing programs for enterprise-level clients working on eCommerce, financial, healthcare, and B2B to design short and long-term digital strategies with a creative bend. I'm a trainer at heart and speak at local meet-ups and national conferences, including MozCon. My specialties include Paid Media, SEO, Local Search, and holistic web marketing. In my spare time, I like to go fly fishing, volunteer on local community boards, and crochet.

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Fun Facts about

Secret skill:

Speed crocheting—only a few stitches away from being a world record holder!

Languages you speak:

Moving from Pittsburgh to Toronto, I've seen my yinzer accent turn a lot more Canadian, eh.

Right brain or left brain:

When it comes to work, I'm left brained, but tend to be more right brained in life!