Nicola Abello


Lead Dev Ops Engineer
Nicola Abello


My passion for leveraging technology to help people led me to complete a Master's degree in CS from the CMI in Marseille, France. Through my experience in the fields of software development and information technology, I developed a career as a DevOps engineer with a focus on CMSs like AEM and Drupal, and eCommerce frameworks like Magento and ElasticPath. While at Bounteous, I have contributed to projects involving clients such as Twitter, Dropbox, Tesla, Informatica, Cloudera, E.J Gallo, Change Healthcare, and New Relic, to name a few.

CD/CI (e.g. Jenkins), Monitoring (e.g. New Relic), Infrastructure as Code (e.g. Ansible), Terraform Web Service Orchestration (e.g. AWS), and Containerization (e.g. Docker).
San Francisco

Fun Facts about

Interesting fact about yourself:

My youth was spent on fossil expeditions involving extinct creatures such as dinosaurs.

Favorite traveling adventure:

In fourth grade, I went on a 3-month trip through more than 10,000 miles of Mexico.

Most famous non-famous person you've met:

Kevin Mitchell interviewed me—not the great baseball player, the great Magento developer.