Modern Solutions for a Long-Standing Healthcare Leader


Serving more than 12.2 million members, Managed Care Consortium is one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery systems in the U.S. Their commitment to embracing new technology makes them a leader in customer-facing medical innovations, including leading the way to safely record and protect medical records. 

When it came to connecting a large internal team, Managed Care Consortium wanted to make sure their 200,000 employees worked as one voice through a new adoption of the highly versatile Adobe Enterprise Manager (AEM) and Adobe Analytics to bring together all their digital properties, including their main public-facing website. That is the power of AEM — it offers multi-tenancy to manage many websites under one platform.


Managed Care Consortium partnered with us to architect an effective digital foundation for AEM and Adobe Analytics that promoted clear and modern modes of communication both internally and for their members, and could evolve and scale in their digital space.

Managed Care Consortium solutions image


Bringing both AEM and Adobe Analytics solutions, we were able to solve the challenges facing an organization with many digital contributors who needed to be connected, accurate, nimble, and responsive. We designed and built AEM workflows critical to Managed Care Consortium’s web presence so they could eliminate redundant tasks, manage content authoring, and schedule content releases. 

Our skilled analytics team worked with various business areas to implement Adobe Analytics and maximized its value by turning data into insights and then action. By restructuring their analytics implementation process, Managed Care Consortium was able to increase their efficiency and accuracy, and gather meaningful data.


After implementing both AEM and Adobe Analytics, we set Managed Care Consortium’s internal team up for success with extensive training, documentation, and process guidance, to ensure their Adobe solutions continue to perform to their expectations.

Our elite team of Adobe experts not only brought new life to a highly-advanced website, but also helped their internal support staff grow their skills and abilities. By improving productivity and accuracy, we continue to help them maintain high standards of excellence.