IAC - Information Architecture Conference - Reframing “Selling” as “Problem Solving”

Speaker Session

In a world where funding is finite and ideas are bountiful, how do you persuade your stakeholders and decision makers that your recommendations are worth prioritizing? Selling the value of the work. Amanda Ruzin spoke on this at her IAC2019 session, Reframing “Selling” as “Problem Solving”: How to better Sell the Value of What You Do. During the session, Ruzin discussed how to apply a low effort, high impact, human-centered framework that reframes “selling” as “problem-solving” and applies personas to develop empathy with and get into the mindset of your stakeholders and decision makers.

Presentation: Reframing “Selling” as “Problem Solving”: How to Better Sell the Value of What You Do

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Amanda Ruzin
SVP, Experience Design