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Thank you to everyone who attended our Google Analytics and Search Advertising trainings! We had a great group of attendees, we look forward to seeing you put your instruction to use. Join us again next time we're in Toronto!

This event has happened already

With over ten years of experience in digital analytics and search marketing, our team at Bounteous is a fine-tuned machine. We’ve been involved with this evolving landscape from the get-go and will continue to make an impact through our work with our diverse clientele.

Bounteous was part of the Google Analytics Certified Trainer program during the years that it existed, and has continued that tradition of excellent instruction through our updated and customized training program.

In addition, all of our trainers are consultants at Bounteous, certified in their disciplines as well as actively working with active clients. You’ll be taught by industry experts who go beyond the textbook iterations you may be expecting to provide actionable and realistic learning experiences during every class.


Donovan Ayon
Director, Experience Analytics
Zach Tabler
Associate Director, Paid Search