Webinar - Get Started with the Google Marketing Platform & All New Acquia Lift Share

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On August 7, 2019, Bounteous and Acquia hosted a webinar exploring their analytics-driven approach to personalization and showed how they’ve improved engagement metrics and increased conversion rates, ultimately driving ROI.

In this webinar, they covered the steps to:

  • Analyze basic visitor information to help inform your personalization strategy
  • Personalize content based on marketing channel
  • Launch a personalization marketing campaign
  • Prioritize personalization and testing initiatives

Watch the live recording of Get Started with the Google Marketing Platform & All New Acquia Lift Share

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Empowered by access to more information than ever before, consumers are driving the personalization phenomenon. They’ve come to expect brands to understand their tastes and preferences — and marketing teams must respond! With customer expectations higher than ever, implementing a personalization strategy is a critical way for marketers to build and maintain meaningful relationships with their audiences.

Hear from Bounteous & Acquia on how Acquia Lift has been instrumental in eliminating one-size-fits-all solutions and enabling their team of marketers to speak directly to the individuals visiting their website and address their unique needs. Included in the webinar, they’ll cover industry best practices and Acquia Lift product tips.


Jon Meck
VP of Marketing