2020 AEM Rock Star Submissions: A Peek Behind the Curtain

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Bounteous Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) enthusiasts provided a peek behind the curtain at three semifinalist submissions for AEM Rock Star 2020. During the webinar, our AEM Rock Star applicants shared the team's innovative, time-saving, and forward-looking solutions with the community.

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  • Bryan Williams, 2018 finalist and 2020 semifinalist featured AEM CF Extras, a soon to be open sourced project that is a collection of enhancements to out-of-the-box fields, several brand-new fields, helper classes, Sling Model Injectors, and, Bryan’s favorite, a dynamic GraphQL API.
  • Brett Birschbach, 2018 winner and 2020 semifinalist, shared AEM Assets/DAM Views, which severs the coupling of asset storage and asset navigation to allow the DAM structure to satisfy all users and use cases.
  • Laura Greiner, first-time submitter, and 2020 semifinalist provided a solution to interactive, in-store user experiences that can attract new and repeat customers using Beacons and AEM Screens.

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Event Details

AEM Rock Star began with two presenters, a few emails, and a passionate community of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) professionals. The live competition quickly became one of the most popular sessions at Adobe Summit. 

Since the start, Bounteous team members have earned finalist positions and have won the AEM Rock Star title two years in a row, Brett Birschbach in 2018 and Mark Adamcin in 2019. Bounteous individuals also earned an additional finalist and two semifinalist spots in 2018, along with an additional semi-finalist spot in 2019. 


Bryan Williams
Lead Architect
Brett Birschbach
VP, AEM Engineering
Laura Greiner
Manager, Engineering Enablement