Webinar - Wrap Your Head Around Making Headless Commerce Work For You


During this webinar Marc Infield, Thomas Dahl, and a group of leading eCommerce experts define headless commerce in practical terms, explain how it works, and discuss how companies of all sizes can determine if headless is right for them. Discover how companies, like TiVo, are using headless commerce to accelerate innovation and take-away best practices for creating, launching, and sustaining a successful omnichannel commerce initiative.​

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In the age of apps, mobile buying, and the Internet of Things, business buyers expect sellers to give them extreme flexibility digitally to purchase goods and services when and where they want. In theory, headless commerce—defined as a separation of the eCommerce engine from the customer-facing interface, such as a mobile app or web store–is designed to do just that. In reality, headless commerce requires companies to adopt a “headless” technology architecture that relies on extensive use of application programming interfaces, or APIs, to develop highly customized systems of customer-facing commerce applications.​


Marc Infield
EVP, Technology
Thomas Dahl
Senior Director, Client Service