MeasureCamp Virtual Conference - A Practical Approach For Naming Elements In Adobe Launch

Virtual Event

Kevin Haag led a virtual session at MeasureCamp Cincinnati on Analytics Implementation. This session focused on the importance of utilizing a naming syntax for naming elements in Adobe Launch and shared best practices learned from years of client implementations that help optimize deployments.

Attendees leanred:

  • Why proper naming conventions organize your implementation 
  • How knowledge can be shared between Launch engineers through utilizing a naming syntax
  • Several different strategies for saving timing and building a scalable implementation
  • Types of naming syntax examples that can be used within Adobe Launch 

This event has happened already

MeasureCamp Cincinnati is an open, free-to-attend Data Analytics unconference. Based on the unconference format, the speakers and presenters are fellow attendees, just like you. All attendees are encouraged to discuss and participate in the sessions, and each attendee has the opportunity to lead the sessions themselves.


Kevin Haag
Director, CDP Strategy