Navigating a Product Information Management RFP

With Guest Speakers from Akeneo & JPW Industries


Navigating a Product Information Management RFP can be a challenge for most businesses. Akeneo and Bounteous have helped guide many retailers and manufacturers, like JPW Industries, through this process over the years and have gained many insights along the way on what to expect and how to prepare a business for a complete PIM implementation.

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In this webinar, our industry experts cover:

  • Corporate and organizational readiness for a PIM RFP  
  • Key requirements to communicate to agencies and systems integrators
  • How a PIM RFP effects different departments

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The recommendations provided in this webinar for preparing an RFP will greatly increase the chances your RFP results in proposals with realistic estimated costs and timelines. These recommendations are based largely on an experience with an RFP that was deficient—the actual cost and time needed for the Discover phase tripled, and the Build phase doubled over our initial proposal. This kind of situation is avoidable, which is what this webinar is all about. Learn more in our article, Navigating a Product Information Management RFP.




Dean Rutter
Senior Business Development Director
Jean Bordelon
Senior Director, PIM/MDM Platforms