Attentive SMS + Restaurants Webinar With Bounteous+Hathway and Radar


Customers are hungry to engage with their favorite restaurant brands where they are already browsing for their next meal. For restaurants, SMS has become an essential two-way communications channel to connect with diners to drive repeat purchases, online orders, and loyalty sign-ups.

During this webinar experts from Attentive, Bounteous+Hathway, and Radar discussed how to:

  • Compliantly convert your existing traffic into first-party opt-ins
  • Use SMS to convert subscribers into repeat diners
  • Measure and benchmark against best-in-class SMS programs
  • Use location-based targeting to send special offers via text

Speakers included:

  • Amir Zamanian, General Manager, Food, Beverage, and Restaurants, Attentive
  • Ellen Green, Vice President of Growth Marketing, Bounteous+Hathway
  • Nick Patrick, CEO and Co-Founder, Radar

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