Google Analytics Training: Video

April 3, 2007

Last week, I was at Google Analytics Approved Consultant training. It was so wonderful; I got all sorts of tips and tricks. As always, one learns the best stuff in between the sessions, from the other consultants. (Yet another reason to go to the Emetrics Summit.) A special thank you to Caleb Whitmore from POP — if you divide his IQ by his age, he is absolutely the smartest yearly analyst around. (Did I just create my third KPI in the last six weeks??)

By the end of the training, we were so wiped that Justin and I just sat down to create this video. (You might have to click through to the blog site to actually see this. That’s always been my own experience with other peoples’ videos.)

UPDATE: Join us at the Harvard Club in New York City on June 4th, 2008 for our Google Analytics training event: Getting Ahead with Google Analytics. This is a great opportunity to learn from the experts in a smaller conference setting – you won’t get lost in the crowd!