Do All Those Website "pre‑surveys" Really Help?

June 26, 2009

Much hoopla has been made in the not-too-distant past about having a free little questionnaire on your site. It hits you when you enter with a question like this one: “After your visit, would you be willing to answer a few questions?” 4Q from iPerceptions does one, as does Kampyle.

When I spend $150 at to find out how much visitors hated my company’s incredibly old site, I also found out that they hate getting a popup box before they get into the site. (For the record, we use Kampyle.)  We had programmed the site so that only 30% of visitors were served the box, and only on the home page, but that meant two out of five testers got it. They both reacted vehemently. So we pulled the questionnaire and just left the ability for someone to comment if they were actually looking for a way to give feedback.

We won’t get as much feedback, but the truth is — we weren’t getting a lot of feedback anyway.  And we were turning off a lot of people.

So when I have data on reduced bounce rate (more than a day or two’s worth), I’ll tell you.