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October 04, 2012
By Dan Wilkerson

Have you signed up for our monthly newsletter yet? No? The sign-up’s right over there, you had to have seen it. Really? Alright, well, let me make this easy for you.

What’s in it? All sorts of goodies. For starters, we pick out a selection of some of our most popular posts from the past month, usually centered around a theme – this month’s was ‘Discovery’. The posts we highlighted were my post on hashtag discovery, Brittany’s post on the changes to AdWords seller ratings, Dorcas’ post on Goal Funnels, and Reid’s post on examining the value of inbound links.

As convergence in PPC, Social, SEO, and Analytics all continues to increase, it’s important to stay at the very least brushed up on all four topics. The LunaMetrics monthly newsletter will help keep you up-to-date.

The other thing we include in the newsletter is a unique and subscriber-exclusive piece of content. It’s called the ‘LunaMetrics Monthly Morsel’. What does that entail? A whole variety of things – stuff like the top five secrets to killer competitive analysis, video walkthroughs of new Google products, or, in this month’s case, an Excel Spreadsheet that you can paste your Facebook Page Post data into and extrapolate the most popular kinds of content, as well as which content gets you the most shares, comments, likes, virality, or engaged users. It also visualizes all this data for you to make analysis a snap.

What’s that? You want the tool and you didn’t know about the newsletter? Well… I guess we could get something set up for you. Click here and select ‘File->Download’ to get yourself a copy.

To use the tool, go to Facebook’s insights manager and export your post level data in a .csv format. Open the exported data and delete the ‘Countries’ and ‘Languages’ columns. Paste the remaining data into the corresponding sheet in the Excel tool, and voila. Your data is pulled and sorted for analysis.
What other goodies would you like to see in the future? Maybe a redux of our Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet? Let us know in the comments.