Call‑to‑Action Cheat Sheet For Writing Effective PPC Ad Copy

July 30, 2013

Using the proper call-to-action within your PPC ad copy is critical to optimizing PPC ad performance. A quality paid search ad makes a promise to potential visitors enticing them to click the ad. This promise is fulfilled after the ad click by delivering a relevant landing page experience.

All seasoned pay-per-click account managers know this.

However, most seasoned paid search managers also know that adhering to PPC ad copy character limits can require several rewrites. We’ve all felt the heartbreak of having an otherwise perfect ad exceed the maximum allowed number of characters. Sometimes these rewrites result in boring, lackluster ad copy that just doesn’t paint the picture that was originally intended. Pile on a serious case of writer’s block and you have a recipe for disaster.

Fear not my fellow PPC-ers! This quick and handy call-to-action cheat sheet was assembled to assist you on those tough days when the right word is just out of reach. Use it to help write effective PPC ad copy that potential visitors find engaging.

Enhance Your Ad Copy Writing Skills with Call-to-Action Cheat Sheet

Get started writing better ad copy right now. Find 204 call-to-action examples – alphabetized and COMPLETE WITH CHARACTER COUNT – in the cheat sheet available below. “Why 204?” you ask. Because that’s the amount that fit on one page.

Call To Action Cheat Sheet

Click the image; open the PDF in a new window.  Print it out; tack it to your cubicle wall. Download it; save it to your computer for quick reference. Bookmark it; access it any time you need it. Share it with your friends and coworkers; give them the help they need, too (See what I did here?).

How to Use the Call-to-Action Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is by no means a complete and comprehensive guide but serves as a great foundation to build ideas for your ad copy. Best practices also recommend that your ad copy be keyword-rich, provide value, and convey a sense of urgency. Ensure that these factors are also taken into account as you create your copy.  Here are some examples:

Combine call-to-action words with targeted keywords:

  • Buy Camping Gear On Sale Today!
  • Download Accounting Software Now.
  • Triple Business ROI w/ these Tips.

Combine call-to-action words with promotion or offer:

  • Save 25% When You Buy Today!
  • Plan Dream Vacation Cheap & Easy.
  • Redeem Coupon & Save $50 Now!

Combine call-to-action words with urgency:

  • Subscribe Now! Offer Ending Soon.
  • Sign Up Before It’s Too Late!
  • Only 3 Days Left. Register Now!

Again, this is by no means the definitive list of call-to-action words. There many, many more out there.  In fact, an updated version of the cheat sheet is already in the works.  Check back soon.

Which call-to-action examples perform best in your ad copy?  Leave a response below.  Or, comment with any that we may have overlooked.