HS2 Solutions Acquires LunaMetrics!

December 19, 2017

As CEO of LunaMetrics I sign a lot of papers. But on Friday, I signed the most important paper of my career.

On Friday morning, I sold LunaMetrics.

We were acquired by the coolest company, HS2 Solutions of Chicago and their financial partner, Mountaingate Capital. HS2 provides elegant solutions–mostly in the areas of strategy, UX & design and development. Together, we will be able to provide end-to-end solutions for customers. HS2 won my heart at the very first “meet and greet” when its CEO said something like, “All that matters is, are we going to do a better job of providing excellent service to our customers?

Though it’s still business as usual, we expect and hope that the boundaries between LunaMetrics and HS2 will become more fluid and eventually disappear. We will welcome some talent from Chicago, and we are excited to be able to provide many more services to our current and future customers!

Something as great as HS2 didn’t come to us by accident. We worked with an investment bank to seek out interested parties, and it was exciting to see how our years of experience and success prepared us for this moment. Think speed-dating, but with much higher stakes and much nerdier conversations.

I worked closely with Alex Moore and Andrew Garberson to help explore our options. Together and with unanimous support, we chose HS2 because the fit with LunaMetrics was so wonderful.

So, you might ask, why did we sell? I own 100% of LunaMetrics, and I know that I am no longer the person to run this amazing company. LunaMetrics has grown far more than I ever envisioned when I was unemployed in 2004. (You can reread our 10th-anniversary post – we’ve doubled our team and grown so much since that date three years ago.)

The team here has worked hard and the sales group has sold hard. We’ve grown. We’ve hired and nurtured some of the best talent in Pittsburgh (and beyond!) and our reputation as industry experts has never been more widespread. I really want to take a step back and let the other members of the management team take steps forward. They are talented, eager and looking for that kind of responsibility, and I have been doing the CEO thing for more than a decade.

I am thrilled that we found HS2 Solutions. When I decided to sell, I knew that it would only work if we found just the right company. We needed a company that matched us on many levels, from the way we motivate and nurture talent to the way that we value customer service above all else. LunaMetrics shot for the moon and we found the best partner, HS2!

Learn more about HS2 Solutions and read their blog or press release.