Ghost Kitchens & Virtual Brands ‑ Is Your Restaurant Missing Out?

June 20, 2021 | Bounteous x Accolite
ghost kitchen whitepaper

Ghost kitchens and virtual brands provide unique opportunities for restaurants to expand their reach, drive sales and support the bottom line. Yet many restaurant operators are still unclear whether or not the endeavor is a good fit for their brand. 

This Bounteous whitepaper addresses the most popular questions and concerns that restaurant operators have about ghost kitchens and virtual brands. In addition to establishing what the differences between these two concepts are, the report discusses possibilities such as: 

How to expand geographical reach using ghost kitchens and virtual brands

  • Why testing new menu items in a ghost kitchen or virtual brand is so much easier 
  • How to increase sales during downtimes and slower dayparts 
  • How to attract new clientele with niche and dietary-restriction-friendly products

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