Exploring the Future of AI and Digital Innovation at Acquia

November 28, 2023
Exploring the Future of AI and Digital Innovation at Acquia

Acquia, Bounteous partner and leading open digital experience platform, is spearheading a new era of innovation by embracing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI). In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, it's important for companies to act swiftly, adapt, and innovate. By harnessing the power of AI, companies can not only keep pace with their competitors, but unlock new opportunities for growth. Through recent initiatives, Acquia has demonstrated its commitment to leveraging AI and innovation to create enhanced digital experiences and to revolutionize the digital landscape. In this article, we will explore the exciting ways Acquia is leaning into AI and innovation and the groundbreaking advancements they have recently showcased.

"AI is advancing at a rapid pace and holds a ton of potential for those who know how to harness its power in productive and thoughtful ways."

Nate Holmes
Product Marketing Manager, Acquia

Unveiling the Power of AI and Innovation

Acquia is encouraging companies to embrace AI technologies to thrive in today’s world. In November, Acquia hosted Acquia Engage in Boston, where they showcased their commitment to AI through various sessions and advancements. The event highlighted the importance of laying the groundwork for AI and innovation in companies. Through these efforts, Acquia is showcasing the power of AI in driving innovation and value for businesses.

Hitting the Ground Running with AI

Businesses need to get started immediately with AI if they have not done so already. This theme was reinforced at Acquia Engage through sessions on stage and conversations with attendees. Many companies are considering AI, but maybe haven’t laid the groundwork necessary to enable innovation at their company.

One of the key speakers, Paul Roetzer, CEO and founder of the Marketing AI Institute, shared examples of AI's rapid evolution and provided practical tips for companies looking to get started. For instance, every company should have AI principles that are agreed upon and promoted internally. Paul referenced his “Responsible AI Manifesto for Marketing and Business,” which can be used by organizations to ensure the responsible use of AI within their company. 

Using AI to Create Innovative Experiences

Bounteous, aligned with Acquia's vision, also shared their insights during the event. Jon Meck, SVP of Marketing at Bounteous, delivered a keynote speech on the transformative power of AI technology and innovation. He discussed the three core horizons of AI and provided examples of use cases, tools, and strategies to thrive in this dynamic environment. 

There’s an overwhelming amount of product and company announcements and potential breakthroughs in the AI and GenAI space, and companies may often be wondering where to focus or how to move forward. The ability for companies to begin seeing benefit from these new technologies largely depends on their ability to adopt new innovations and adapt with rapid change.

How Company Leaders Can Prepare For Generative AI Breakthroughs
By Keith Schwartz,
Chief Executive Officer
· June 26, 2023

Jon’s three horizons for AI were focused on: AI can make us more productive: find ways to lean into operational and efficiency gains, for instance using AI to automate repetitive tasks or improving scale with AI. AI can make us smarter: look for opportunities where AI can help enhance your team’s capabilities, act as a creative or knowledge partner, and add new thoughts or perspectives. AI can add business value: seek out areas where AI can be infused in products or features, or can significantly alter business results, for example in building personalization at scale.

One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of “AcquiaScope”, a personalized prognostication experience the we built utilizing AI, Acquia Personalization, and Drupal. Attendees were excited about the opportunity to explore AI and innovation in action, and were amazed by the accuracy of their AcquiaScopes!

"Sponsors offered an array of interactive experiences in their booths. A fun standout was Bounteous, an Acquia Elite Partner, with its novel Acquiascope. The agency’s touchscreen kiosk harnessed a bit of React, AI, and personalization to predict your personality while showcasing the platform’s potential."

Matthew Garrepy
CMS Critic
Learning from Others in the DXP Landscape

To further support businesses in learning from others when it comes to AI, innovation, or anything DXP, Acquia launched Acquia TV. Acquia TV is the ultimate streaming destination for everything digital experience. Acquia TV features a diverse range of content, including insightful conversations, in-depth product information, success stories from customers, event highlights, and more. With Acquia TV, users can easily access valuable and engaging content. This will become the go-to resource for anyone seeking to stay informed and inspired in the digital experience space!

Creating Innovative Digital Experiences with Acquia Open DXP

Acquia's commitment to delivering exceptional digital experiences is deeply rooted in its DNA. By embracing AI and fostering innovation, Acquia continually explores new avenues to enhance its open Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Acquia is reaffirming its dedication to its DXP through strategic investments in various tools. Acquia has made significant announcements regarding integrations and enhancements to tools like Acquia DAM, Acquia CDP, Acquia Open DXP, and Drupal. Acquia has also made strides in expanding its open DXP through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. This renewed commitment bolsters Acquia's commitment to providing a comprehensive and seamless DXP solution that empowers organizations to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Committing to Open DXP

Acquia's dedication to its open DXP is consistently reinforced through various initiatives, including the launch of the new Acquia Exchange. Acquia Exchange is a centralized platform for discovering integrations, connectors, and modules to enhance digital experiences. This platform allows businesses to automate workflows and connect different tools and data with Acquia's open and composable DXP. Acquia Exchange offers a wide range of native, partner, and community integrations, expanding the possibilities for seamless connectivity and enhanced digital experiences. There are integrations for a variety of tools, including Acquia Cloud Platform, Drupal CMS, Acquia DAM, Acquia CDP, and Acquia Site Factory. You can view the Acquia Exchange and full list of integrations for Acquia’s open DXP here.

Acquia recently announced a handful of AI integrations and enhancements, including:

  • Integrated OpenAI/ChatGPT to generate and tag new content in Drupal
  • Integrated Drupal AI developer assist GPT4 code generator
  • Acquia Open DXP OpenAI descriptions for assets & products
  • Acquia Open DXP Leverage collateral metadata to drive personalized experiences
  • Acquia DAM AI assist during asset creation
  • Acquia DAM Search Optimized Product Descriptions
  • Acquia CDP ML powered customer segmentation
Expanding Accessibility Capabilities

The ever-growing expectations of consumers for digital experiences have elevated the demand for fast, intuitive, and accessible online interactions. An accessible digital experience not only enhances brand reputation but also fosters customer loyalty. In a highly competitive digital landscape, it can become a crucial differentiating factor for organizations. Acquia has taken steps to “build a better digital future — one that is more inclusive, accessible, and sets new benchmarks for performance and innovation.” With Acquia’s acquisition of Monsido, Acquia now offers a complete solution for building, managing, and delivering digital experiences that are fully optimized and inclusive. 

Advancing Acquia DXP with Strategic Partnerships

Acquia continues to advance its capabilities and empower brands to achieve even greater success in its digital experiences. One way Acquia has done this is through strategic partnerships and integrations with Conductor and VWO. Conductor’s comprehensive organic marketing platform supports SEO and content marketing. While VWO’s toolkit includes multi-platform testing and personalization capabilities, server-side testing, surveys, session recording, heatmaps, feature experimentation, and rollouts. These strategic partnerships unlock new avenues for Acquia DXP customers to optimize every facet of the digital journey.

Revolutionizing the Digital Landscape at Acquia

Acquia's commitment to innovation and transformative digital experiences continues to motivate and empower businesses. By embracing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and fostering strategic partnerships, Acquia has positioned itself as a leader in driving cutting-edge advancements and initiatives. With the launch of the Acquia Exchange platform and Acquia TV, businesses now have access to a centralized hub for integrating tools and data seamlessly with Acquia's open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and can stay informed and inspired in the digital experience space. 

As Acquia leans into this year’s core themes of inclusivity, performance, and innovation, businesses can be excited about the continued product enhancements and integrations that help create great customer experiences.