Boost the Value of CDP with Adobe Healthcare Shield

June 10, 2024 | Abby Matchett

It is no secret that both payers and providers are under immense pressure to modernize their digital programming; every dimension of the care continuum demands digital transformation. Customers and prospects expect relevant, personalized experiences, clinical and administrative leadership seeks improved patient outcomes, and regulators demand fast responses to changing privacy control requirements. Yet, for most healthcare organizations, increased privacy and regulation complexity has made it difficult to deliver data-driven customer journeys that both engage members and improve the patient experience. Disparate legacy data systems, heavily siloed internal teams, and the need to meet the demands of a highly-regulated industry are just a few reasons healthcare organizations lag behind in digital transformation. With a myriad of competing priorities and efforts, it's often difficult to determine where to begin a digital transformation effort.

In our experience, adopting a Customer Data Platform (CDP) as a pathway towards transformation is one avenue towards enhancing patient care, streamlining operations, and driving better outcomes. CDPs create a single, trusted view of patient or member records that can be shared across the organization. With this customer profile in hand, marketing, sales, customer service, and clinicians alike can all work together to drive relevant, personalized experiences across the care continuum.

Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare

All CDPs can handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII), but only a select pool of CDP vendors can also handle Protected Health Information (PHI). Adobe’s Real-Time CDP solution combined with the HIPAA-ready Healthcare Shield product provides unique value to healthcare organizations by enabling granular profile and field-level controllership, automatically classifying data based on pre-defined rules and metadata, and offering real-time monitoring and audit logs. 

Robust Out-of-the-Box Capabilities

Strong out-of-the-box capabilities and unique Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare features combine to ensure the safe usage of PHI in marketing and clinical use cases. Within the core RTCDP platform, there are:

  • Access controls at the role level to ensure users are exposed to the minimum amount of information to execute their campaigns effectively
  • Workflows for managing and monitoring user activity, which ensure audit logs and trails are available for regulatory and monitoring purposes
  • Consent management capabilities such as data labels for email opt-in preferences which make it easy for segmentation to reach the appropriate targeted user groups
  • Automatic policy enforcement at the data-set level which ensures data is encrypted, sorted, and isolated per your organization’s policies
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest

Adobe also continues to invest in enhancing privacy OOTB capabilities, with access controls at the attribute (field) level, self-service user audits, extended data hygiene, and new enhanced labels for sensitive data.  

Increased Functionality with Healthcare Shield

Adobe’s Healthcare Shield boosts the OOTB capabilities of Adobe’s RTCDP, making it easier for health organizations to be strong data stewards while leveraging PHI. Benefits include:

  • Enables healthcare organizations to leverage PHI within journeys and use cases, adding additional safeguards including new healthcare-specific data labels for sensitive data to enable the use of PHI data
  • Provides enhanced automated consent enforcement, automatically applying rules when a segment is applied to any campaign or journey
  • Includes a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to honor HIPAA requirements for covered entities
  • Extends thresholds for data deletion
  • Offers customer-managed encryption keys

The Value of Adobe’s Healthcare Shield

The value of Healthcare Shield lies in its ability to enable PHI use cases for both payers and providers while providing internal controls to optimize and safeguard the organization.  

For payers, access to a single member profile can enable wellness prevention by shifting toward personalized care. Providers may begin proactively managing chronic conditions through targeted educational materials, reducing readmission rates. They may also utilize PHI to detect when a patient or caregiver might be struggling to get the care they need and reach out through preferred channels.

For providers, Healthcare Shield means that providers will now have access to a comprehensive view of their patients. By aggregating patient data from various touchpoints, including clinical encounters, lab results, and medication histories, providers can gain deeper insights into each patient's medical history, preferences, and social determinants of health. This may result in improved diagnosis, increased access to care, and improved outcomes.

Moreover, pharmacy and retail brands can leverage policy and consent data and features to combine PHI data with in-store or online transactions, thus enabling cross-sell or upsell use cases when picking up or placing mail-order prescriptions.

For all marketing and customer-facing roles within the healthcare space, Healthcare Shield enables close monitoring of campaign activities, including providing visibility into agency access and enabling quick ways to enforce policies that block activation as needed. For media and CRM campaigns, Healthcare Shield and RTCDP enables efficiencies by activating suppression segments and ensuring consent preferences are adhered to across channels. Instead of managing data and controls within each silo or channel, RTCDP provides a single source of data and compliance oversight, reducing the load of data management.

Evaluating if Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare is Right for Your Organization

Healthcare Shield provides the necessary readiness tools required in the United States by HIPAA, and can enable use cases outside of onboarding, pre-sales marketing, or customer service workflows. Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare provides HIPAA readiness, BAA, and safe usage of PHI.

If your healthcare organization is considering utilizing Adobe’s Experience Platform RTCDP or Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) capabilities, Healthcare Shield is likely a fit if you are looking to:

  • Break down data silos by identifying the most relevant data from across the organization, rationalizing the information, and generating a single profile inclusive of PHI
  • Offer personalized health and wellness programs, improving the member experience throughout the care continuum
  • Optimize patient engagement strategies, increasing adherence to care plans and improving patient outcomes
  • Improve access to health through a wide range of services and applications

Consider evaluating Adobe’s policies and capabilities against your organization's data and privacy policies to enhance the customer experience while ensuring privacy and compliance.