Forrester Report®: Successful Co-Innovation Partnerships Are Built On Common Cause

Forrester Report®

Companies Maximize Value with Co-Innovation Approach

Forrester’s recent research report on Co-Innovation cites Bounteous in an example of aligning and defining unique partner engagement models that incentivize performance and innovation, or common cause. 

Why Co-Innovation is a Superior Approach to Digital Transformation

Unique partner models that prioritize performance and innovation in structured agreements create common cause. Companies achieve better results when adopting co-innovation methodologies that focus on orchestrating partner ecosystem value. This approach unlocks the sharing of talent, tech, data, and methodology required to achieve success and reach key outcomes.

Bounteous is Committed to Co-Innovation

At Bounteous, Co-innovation is the framework that guides our most strategic, high‑impact, and long‑term client partnerships. We believe that by generating critical insights, continuously turning those insights into innovations through a virtuous cycle called digital flow, and implementing our unique enablement model that supplies companies with best-in-class talent, methods, data, and technology, we transform companies into category leaders. Read more about our commitment to Co-Innovation

What’s In The Report?

This report by Forrester analysts Ted Schadler and Frederic Giron offers critical information to those responsible for digital innovation, so that they can maximize results with a value-aligned partner strategy.

In This Report, You Will Discover:

  • Why creating a shared culture of success is key to transformation efforts.
  • How rethinking commitment and incentive structures helps companies get more out of their strategic partnership ecosystem.
  • How to incorporate Value Orchestration into the Co-Innovation lifecycle.