Acquia & Google Analytics

Sometimes the best solution combines the forces of multiple tools to create new capabilities. By tapping into insight-driven analytics, we are pioneering new pathways in the field of strategy-based marketing.

Our Google Analytics 360 expertise enhances Acquia’s capabilities with deep analytics and robust insights. We align business strategy and customer needs and desires to create coordinated omnichannel experiences. Those experiences are driven by analytics that offer insights on personas, identify the key moments that matter, and measure the effectiveness of changes through experimentation.



  • Coordinate Across Channels
  • Target Tracking
  • Create On-site and Off-site Experiences

Coordinate Across Channels

With Acquia Journey’s robust customer tracking, we can provide clear maps of each experience (whether it is memorable or not to the customer). With that data, we can begin to align channels so no customer is lost and all gain value.

Target Tracking

Use Google Analytics up front to identify personas and better define a customer’s journey, and then continue to experiment and define targets post-implementation. The power of Google Analytics helps us track both on-site and off-site experiences for each customer.

Create On-site and Off-site Experiences

We bring in more tools, including Google Ads and Acquia Lift, to take those insights and create consistent on-site and off-site experiences that are targeted to individuals. The customers' experience is more engaged and synchronized; what you see is a continuous path that is holistic in its approach and anticipative in its strategy.


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