Acquia Journey

This journey mapping and orchestration tool can integrate with martech and CRM today to drive deeper engagement, conversion, and growth.

Why journey mapping is important: 63% of marketers use some sort of journey mapping and 88% of customer experience professionals said their firms are doing some sort of customer journey mapping. And most say that 30% of your revenue growth can be attributed to targeted, relevant communications.

You can use Acquia Journey to map out new journeys or use it to orchestrate existing disparate marketing technologies to provide a centralized control for the marketing team and a seamless user experience across all channels.


  • Real-Time Customer Connections
  • Avoid Wasted Efforts
  • Don't Get Lost

Real-Time Connections

Trigger the right content at the right time to the right audience. With integrated marketing and ad tech, you will be able to make changes based on actions (or inactions) taken by anyone you want to reach. Plus, track audience profiles based on multiple demographics to better understand who is connecting.

Avoid Wasted Efforts

Don't just "try" to connect. With Journey, you can create contextually-relevant experiences that will engage your customers based on true data collected from early prospect engagement to loyal customer stages.

Don't Get Lost

Keep customers engaged by automating and reducing the complexity of targeted contextual experiences to drive higher engagement and loyalty across all audience touchpoints.


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