Insight-Driven Journeys

Bounteous and Acquia are taking the guesswork out of decision making

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The combination of Acquia and the Google Marketing Platform creates a powerful digital marketing platform that allows us to use insights to quantify the importance of different touchpoints along a customer’s journeys, surface behavioral personas to target, and to conduct and measure experiments to determine how to best shape the moments that matter for different personas, all resulting in understanding how to best invest to drive success.

Insight-Driven Journeys in Action

Bounteous and Acquia recently hosted a webinar on Insight-Driven Journeys, embedded below. The webinar features an analytics-driven approach to deliver content that improves engagement and your business results.

Why Does This Matter to You?

Personalization can seem daunting. We’re here to help create effective customer engagements at all stages of the journey. By using quantitative analysis, we help focus marketing spend and qualitative analysis on the areas that will really make a difference, delivering the right messages, at the right time, via the right channel. Discover the moments that truly matter in your customer’s journey and start driving conversions today!

  • Platform Integration of Existing Portals and Systems
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Cross-Functional Messaging and Testing
  • Insight Development and Journey Orchestration
  • Content and Path Adaptation plus Personalization
  • Turbocharged Engagement and Conversion

How Does It Work?

Acquia provides the core DXP platform with enterprise-ready Drupal, global distribution, and a set of interconnected products to help us achieve these objectives. Acquia’s Marketing Cloud provides omnichannel orchestration, making it easy to drive consistent messaging and experiences regardless of how your audience wants to engage with you. Acquia Personalization provides the ability to personalize content based on segmentation and user insights.

The Acquia Marketing Cloud is built to be data-driven, so we integrate it with the Google Marketing Platform, starting with GA360 (or GA if that is what is available) and BigQuery to execute deep quantitative analysis (such as content-based attribution) and then push the insights derived back into the Acquia Marketing Cloud to drive targeted, low-friction experiences that drive conversion and loyalty. GA360’s Audience integrations with other Google Marketing Platform tools like Display & Video 360 enable targeted advertising for those audiences, Tag Manager ensures consistent data collection across GA360 and Acquia, and Data Studio provides an end-to-end reporting view to monitor and evaluate personalization experiments and journey optimization.

By aligning touchpoints with the interests of specific buyers and customers, they’re given a means to consistently and effectively engage with brands across online and offline channels, thus significantly reducing friction and increasing revenue and loyalty.

Seth Dobbs
Chief Technology Officer at Bounteous

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