Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

As customers continue to demand personalized experiences across devices and touchpoints, organizations require a unified view of the customer with data easily accessible by all business users that influence the customer experience. Connecting multi-channel data in Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) gives journey-based insights to inform the next best experience to customers in the moments that matter. 

When CJA is combined with our AEP Services, we can help you finally overcome the challenges that come with siloed, channel-specific reporting. Whether you are looking to combine online and offline data or data from your CRM, email, or digital analytics, Bounteous' expertise can help both B2B & B2C brands unlock the value of their first-party customer data.


  • Analysis Workspace
  • End-To-End Visualization
  • AI & Machine Learning Insights
  • Collaborative Interface
  • Audience Publishing & Activation

Analysis Workspace

Analysis Workspace is a feature historically available in Adobe Analytics. CJA takes the functionality of Analysis Workspace and couples it with data from AEP. Organizations can analyze the customer journey across channels using any data available in AEP. This reporting engine can ingest data across any set of channels for rapid response analysis, allowing business users to ask questions and get answers.

End-To-End Visualization

Connect data from online and offline sources in AEP and expand past a single-channel analysis. CJA allows organizations to view the entire customer journey using all available data sets to respond to real-time business issues.

AI & Machine Learning Insights

Using AI and Machine Learning technology, CJA can uncover abnormalities in customer interactions to evaluate the best plan of action for a specific customer journey. AI/ML services address common use cases such as advanced measurement and customer propensity models to evaluate alternatives to provide the best outcomes.

Collaborative Interface

CJA was built with the business user in mind. With a collaborative user-friendly interface, stakeholders across an organization involved in customer experience can make data-driven decisions in real-time. CJA allows anyone involved in the customer experience to visualize the customer journey and make decisions based on intelligent insights. Teams can analyze data directly in the tool and make immediate decisions, instead of waiting weeks to receive a report from the data science team.

Audience Publishing & Activation

Customer journey orchestration should always start with analysis. Understand the meaning of your customer’s behavior across the journey in CJA, and then activate upon these audiences in AEP. When paired with AEP, any audiences organized, discovered, and aggregated in CJA can be activated in the real-time customer data platform.