Bounteous Connector for Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager Assets


The Bounteous Connector for Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets provides a seamless workflow between Adobe Commerce, previously known as Magento Commerce, stores and AEM Assets giving Adobe Commerce stores all the advanced digital asset management capabilities of the AEM platform.

By connecting the two platforms, the connector accelerates the publishing process through synchronizing product images to AEM Assets and substituting image rendering used by the CCIF connector out-of-the-box so images are not pulled from Adobe Commerce's disk, but from AEM's cache for faster delivery.

The Connector In Action

This demo features the Bounteous Connector for Adobe Commerce and AEM Assets and its functionalities for integrating these two platforms.

Realizing Success

Long-standing partnerships and success across Adobe Experience Cloud solutions uniquely position Bounteous to successfully integrate Adobe Commerce with Adobe Experience Manager Assets capabilities to drive transformative results. With the connector you will gain significant improvement in SEO and SEM by consolidating metadata imported in AEM upon asset creation, increase conversion rates by improving UX and delivering consistency across retail experiences, and multiply ROI on content by reducing the time team members spend organizing and publishing assets.

From Adobe Commerce, you can add media to products using the AEM Asset picker and add product images to AEM from Adobe Commerce. From AEM Assets you can utilize enterprise asset management features and workflows, update Adobe Commerce product media without logging into Adobe Commerce, and maintain product image sets in AEM.

How Does It Work

The extension is easy to install and replaces the standard image management features of Adobe Commerce with AEM Assets. AEM Assets allows customers to manage their digital assets (images, videos, documents, and audio clips) in a web-based repository. In addition, AEM Assets includes Metadata-Support, Renditions, the Digital Asset Management Finder, and the AEM Assets Administration UI.

The solution offers support for every facet of your commerce team. The connector provides a unified authoring and approval workflow from asset creation through publishing. Your creative team gets a simplified experience using the industry-leading Asset Management system. At the same time, marketing gets improved velocity and control with unified publishing workflows, analytics, testing, and personalization to create an integrated workflow with commerce managers.

This enables digital media teams to focus on what they do best while allowing commerce product managers access to the same assets. The connector provides a business with the ability to source images from the same asset management system across platforms and ensures the ability to provide a consistent product media experience across channels.

The Bounteous Connector for Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager Assets creates immediate efficiencies for commerce admins and managers by enabling a single admin to access assets and leverage them across both AEM and Adobe Commerce. This connected functionality reduces time to market, improves economies of scale, and unifies the complete customer experience from search through checkout.

John N Anthony
SVP, Digital Strategy & Solutions, Bounteous


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