Creating Compelling Product Experiences

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Creating Compelling Product Experiences


Today’s consumers expect seamless product experiences from beginning to end, across all channels. Bounteous and Akeneo help businesses navigate complex product data structures and perform advanced data modeling to implement successful solutions that deliver compelling product experiences, ultimately increasing productivity and online revenues.

Increase Conversions With Advanced Product Experiences

We recently hosted a webinar with Akeneo discussing how to properly leverage Product Information Management (PIM) to create seamless product experiences for today’s consumer.

In this webinar, we cover a few topics to guide businesses in their product experience journey:

  • An introduction to Product Experience Management (PXM)
  • The components involved in a complete PXM solution 
  • Use cases and best practises by industry experts


Advanced Product Experiences Begin With PIM

The foundation to a great product experience begins with a Product Information Management (PIM) implementation. Akeneo and Bounteous partner to guide businesses through their Product Experience Management journey from start to finish. Here is how we approach the process with our customers:

Design & Discovery

  • Establish clear business goals 
  • Functional workshop & stakeholder interviews
  • Inventory of product data sources
  • Current product lifecycle definition 
  • Develop enrichment flow diagrams 
  • Create requirements document & project plan 

Define Catalog Structure

  • Catalog workshop & stakeholder interviews 
  • Propose product family design & attribute structure 

Import data into PIM 

  • Leverage out-of-the-box functionality of an Excel/CSV import/export tool included in most PIMs
  • Import from ERP and other data sources via automated import connector. This can be scheduled nightly or more frequently if necessary

Data Validation

  • The power in having a single source of truth only exists if that source is complete, valid, and trustworthy
  • We start by setting the most restrictive data types on businesses product attributes (choose selections, numbers, and metrics over simple text fields)
  • If businesses have parent/child product structures, take time to analyze them and ensure they are configured correctly

When it comes to your business, virtually nothing is more important than accurate and up-to-date product information. Having a single place to collect, manage, enrich, and syndicate product data across a company’s channels allows our customers to grow their lines of business more rapidly. This is why the successful implementation of a PIM system is crucial.

Seth Dobbs
Chief Technology Officer at Bounteous

Compelling Product Experiences

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