AppsFlyer is an open mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform, providing the measurement, analytics, engagement, and fraud protection technologies needed to fuel business decision-making.

Bounteous works with AppsFlyer to make mobile marketing efforts more efficient and effective with comprehensive cross-channel insights and powerful analytics. When brands make good choices for their customers by respecting their privacy and providing exceptional experiences, they create deeper, more rewarding relationships.

Key Features

  • Regain iOS Visibility
  • Kickstart App Growth
  • Scale UA Campaigns
  • Maximize User Lifetime Value

Regain iOS Visibility

Get a full view of performance with a SKAN solution that provides accurate, granular measurement while keeping you compliant and your customers’ data private.

Kickstart App Growth

Land your first installs and boost app marketing ROI backed by powerful attribution and deep links and intuitive reporting and analytics.

Scale UA Campaigns

Achieve industry-leading Return On Ad Spend and Lifetime Value with the deepest toolset on the market, full-funnel, cross-device measurement, and thousands of integrations.

Maximize User Lifetime Value

Increase conversions and revenue with personalized journeys that’ll keep users coming back for more, from any device to your app.