Drift Overview

Meet Drift, the Revenue Acceleration Platform that combines Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales to create a single solution for your go-to-market teams.


Drift brings your go-to-market teams together to deliver personalized customer experiences in real-time—so you can increase your revenue, shorten your sales cycles, and strengthen your brand. Drift's market-leading conversational AI helps you scale your team to drive more revenue, no additional headcount needed.

Today, we are in the Revenue Era. The customer is in control of when and where they want to engage, and the best experience wins. To deliver maximum results, you need your revenue teams working together to deliver exceptional digital experiences across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to renewal to expansion. Enter Drift's Revenue Acceleration Platform.

Website visitors are your most engaged customers and prospects. Instead of asking them to fill out a form and wait for a follow-up, have personalized conversations with them now—so you can engage, qualify, and convert them into the pipeline in real-time, day or night.

With Bounteous and Drift, we help you build your brand with a customer experience that is as seamless and authentic as possible. With real-time insights, your marketing team can proactively recognize and convert demand into qualified sales meetings, or ongoing nurture campaigns, adding up to a better ROI on your marketing spend.


  • Chat and Virtual Selling Assistants (Live, Custom, and AI)
  • Visitor Intelligence and Real-time Personalization (Drift Intel)
  • Target Account Engagement (Drift Prospector and Fastlane)
  • Analytics and Insights (Drift Audiences)
  • Drift Email
  • Drift Video
  • Automated Scheduling (Drift Meetings)
  • Seamless, API-first Integrations

Drift Chat

Today, the buyer has all the power. And today’s buyer doesn’t want to fill out forms and wait. They want answers now. That’s where Drift Chat can help you connect with more website visitors at their moment of highest intent.

Drift gives your customers and prospects a dramatically better customer experience, while helping you improve your website conversion rates, shorten your sales cycle, engage more target accounts, and ultimately accelerate your revenue. That’s a win-win. Because when you create a better buying experience – like offering a live conversation instead of a form – you’ll actually see higher engagement from your buyers.

Virtual Selling Assistants

Drift’s Virtual Selling Assistants are AI-powered chatbots that talk to your site visitors like your best reps, at all hours of the day, helping you build the qualified pipeline you need to hit your number.

Drift Intel

Start the right conversations with potential customers on your site by uncovering who they are and alerting their sales reps in real-time. No forms necessary.

Drift Prospector

Automatically prioritize the most interested accounts, centralize insights on visitors from each account, and follow up – all from a single interface.


With Fastlane, customers don’t have to give up their forms. Instead, they can turn their static forms into conversational forms. So when a qualified buyer fills one out, they can chat with sales instantly – or book a future meeting – without ever leaving the website.

Drift Audiences

Unify your sales and marketing data silos to reveal rich information about everyone on your website so you can engage in the right personalized conversations that unlock new revenue.

Drift E-mail

Route qualified email replies to the right person on your team, so you can book more meetings and drive more pipeline from your email marketing programs.

Drift Video

Increase engagement with your prospects to speed them down the pipeline. Easily record and share, track views, and chat live alongside your video.

Drift Meetings

We know your sales team isn’t always around to chat, and not every company has time to monitor live chat. But that’s okay because Drift Meetings has your back. With Drift’s Custom Chatbots you can qualify visitors automatically, mark the best leads as qualified, and even have someone book a sales meeting with the right rep – any time of day (or night).
All they have to do is show up.


We all know that tech works better when it works together. That’s why Drift offers more than 50 integrations all aimed at helping you unlock your data to provide a better experience for you and your customers. Turn data into action with two-way integrations, truly bringing it together, with bi-directional sync in real-time.