Elastic Path Overview


Brands that are transformative in their industry are delivering convenience through intuitive, deeply personalized experiences. With growing complexity in digital commerce platforms, enterprise brands need API-based orchestration at their core for continuous delivery. As new channels and touchpoints are introduced, choreography is required to ensure consistent, seamless user journeys​.

As a leading, Tier 1 Elastic Path Solutions Partner, we bring together content and commerce to deliver eCommerce experiences that drive greater ROI. We work with Elastic Path because they are an API-first enterprise commerce platform with a proven track record to support complex business models and scale as needed. The platform has recently been optimized to include greater access to multi-tenant SaaS microservices, business user tooling, and new commerce experiences. 

Elastic Path’s technology stack is built on the industry’s most trusted open-source projects, with headless eCommerce software that provides differentiated systems of innovation and creates immersive experiences throughout all stages of a customer’s journey. Our team has 20+ years of cross-platform eCommerce experience to bring your most challenging requests to life.

We are part of Elastic Path’s Advisory Board​, comprised of only a few top-performing partner organizations, have been a leading strategic partner for the last 5+ years, and boast one of the most robust Elastic Path practices in North America. Regularly undertaking large, digital transformation projects, with multiple technology integrations, our team delivers commerce-enabled experiences that bridge online and in-person consumer engagement.


  • Open & Flexible
  • Modern, Modular Architecture
  • Experience Agnostic
  • Extensible Technology

Open and Flexible 

Built on open-source technologies with unlimited flexibility to customize the platform to your brand’s unique business needs.​ Build systems that grow, not just last.

Modern, Modular Microservice Architecture 

The only eCommerce solution that makes it fast and easy for every business leader to unleash the power of microservices. Microservices-based architecture leverages decoupled services that are easy to update or replace based on the needs of a particular touchpoint, such as a complex B2B website, mobile app, or physical kiosk, allowing a business to be more agile in its approach. 

Experience Agnostic 

A front-end agnostic approach enables total control over the user experience. ​With the experience layer being completely decoupled from the commerce and back-end systems, commerce can be easily embedded in any experience: CMS, DXP, IoT, POS, Voice, Bot, and others. Elastic Path Commerce is also CMS-agnostic, working with Adobe, Bloomreach, Acquia, and more.

Extensible Technology 

Transaction engine for API-based initiatives​ for both business and system extensibility.

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