EnterWorks Overview


Create compelling customer experiences across commerce channels with EnterWorks and its Multi-Domain Experience Management (MxM) platform.

We bring deep expertise in implementing data management solutions, including Product Information Management solutions, with the complete, user-friendly data management suite that EnterWorks offers. Enterworks MxM platform is a foundation for Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Digital Asset Management (DAM) to intersect multiple domains for personalized experiences across supply chain and demand chains.

Together with EnterWorks, we recognize that to compete on content, companies today require a centralized view of extensive product information that is accurate, up-to-date, consistent, compelling, and compliant. However, organizations often struggle to extract value from an ever-amplifying volume of product data, with thousands or even millions of attributes and assets to maintain. This is particularly true when data is spread across multiple business systems and partner networks, or housed in manual and error-prone spreadsheets. 

With the power behind EnterWorks MxM platform and the expertise that we bring, we can help companies overcome the challenges that come with managing data today. 


  • EnterWorks Enable™
  • EnterWorks Enable™ PIM
  • EnterWorks Enable™ MDM

EnterWorks Enable

Enable™ provides a framework of technologies and processes with a central repository of reliable, up-to-date master data consolidated across all enterprise applications. The platform efficiently combines critical elements about complex data domains, provides tools to improve data quality, and prescribes data governance mechanisms for consistent use of that data. Enable™ was developed from inception to master multiple domains, like about products, materials, suppliers, locations, customers, etc., and the relationships between them. Domains can be easily tailored to meet your business model and preferences, rather than your company being forced to fit a pre-existing notion of the data structure.

EnterWorks Enable™ PIM

EnterWorks Enable™ PIM is a comprehensive solution that aggregates and manages product content across all business applications. Enable™ provides a 360-degree solution for the onboarding, cleansing, synchronization, and publication of product data. Its business-driven approach concentrates on designing a data model to your specific business challenges. Enable™ will customize and acclimatize content for every channel and preview it in the context, exactly like your customers would see it. Its tight integration with advanced eCommerce systems, back-end systems, GDSN, and other syndication networks, as well as other resource tools your team is already using, ensures a flawless transition from back-end to front-end.

EnterWorks Enable™ MDM

High-value, business-critical information is at the heart of every business transaction, application, and decision. The quality of this master data degrades over time, and negatively impacts key business processes if any aspect of it is inaccurate, missing, duplicated, or incomplete. Too often, however, siloed systems and processes prevent the entire organization from accessing consistent master data across the enterprise. EnterWorks Enable™ MDM eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty that results from too many versions of the same data.