Google Display & Video 360

Maximize campaign performance by engaging your core audience where they are with this cutting-edge integrated campaign management tool for enterprise advertisers. 

Google Display & Video 360 takes features from previous products — DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio, and Audience Center — to create a one-stop campaign management HQ for your team. Not only that, it lets often-siloed or slow-moving product integrations talk to each other easily and work faster to deliver results for your bottom line.

Keep tabs on the performance of your digital campaigns with integrated data-sharing with Google Analytics 360 to better understand the attribution and return on investment.


  • Campaign Management
  • Omnichannel Attribution
  • Data-Driven Creative & Budgeting
  • Advanced Audience Management
  • Holistic Measurement

Campaign Management

Build and execute a cross-channel media plan in a single tool. Plan campaigns based on predicted reach and frequency for your audience and budget, and use the integrated workspace to build a comprehensive media plan all in one place.

Omnichannel Attribution

Part of the power of Google Display & Video 360 lies in its ability to attribute campaign success across channels and networks. Marketers no longer have to track success and ROI in traditional channels or network reports thanks to global attribution analysis and reporting features.

Data-Driven Creative & Budgeting

Easily tie your creative strategy to your data and media plans. Smart tools and workflow integrations make it easy to use data to adjust creative strategies to real-time insights. Plus, by using unified conversion tracking, this tool can provide data-driven budgeting through machine learning to put advertising investment in the right place at the right time.

Advanced Audience Management

Now you can manage your audiences and execute media buys all in the same product. In addition, Google Display & Video 360 lets you use your existing media plan to apply audience lists, helps you to create new audience segments, and reach all new fans across multiple screens.

Holistic Measurement

Tired of searching for metrics across siloed tools? Get all your campaign metrics in one place with Google Display & Video 360. With the highest anti-fraud standards and practices, you will not pay for invalid clicks, impressions, views, or interactions. The tool also lets you measure in real time, on an impression-by-impression basis, whether or not an ad was viewable to a user.


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