Google Campaign Manager


Ad server technologies play a key role in scaling and automating workflow solutions for advertisers and agencies. Campaign Manager from Google enables companies to easily create and execute media plans, traffic campaigns, and measure media activities with powerful attribution tools. Make quicker optimization decisions, work smarter, and achieve better advertising results with this powerful ad-server tool.

As ad technology has evolved, so too has the need to move towards a less siloed, more streamlined tool. In the past, Data, Creative, and Media teams would have been measured against different technologies, which could lead to inefficiencies and a disjointed view of performance. Campaign Manager brings these together for a more holistic view. This technology not only enables performance measurements for individual vendors, platforms, and campaigns, it connects data points to provide a complete view of the customer journey.


  • Intelligent Ad Serving
  • Rich Data Collection
  • Workflow Efficiencies
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Powerful Integrations

Intelligent Ad Serving

Campaign Manager is an ad serving platform that reliably traffics and tracks ads while providing advanced ad-serving options. Hosting and serving multiple ad format creative files across different channels and ad networks is made easy with an intuitive interface. Campaign Manager also provides the ability to track performance across non-platform served creative files. Serve, track performance, and optimize ads across a number of networks like social media, YouTube, site served, native ads, and email marketing. Serve ads confidently with Verification tools that ensure proper audience reach and Viewability tools that manage brand safety standards.

Rich Data Collection

Campaign tracking and attribution are key features of Campaign Manager. The Floodlight tag system enables reliable conversion tracking for any micro (e.g. registrations) or macro (e.g. transactions) conversions. Custom Floodlight Variables provide the ability to create reporting data that is tailored to business needs. Create unique, customized audiences based on Floodlights that can be automatically served ads via Display & Video 360.

Workflow Efficiencies

Streamline trafficking workflows for faster campaign launches with Trafficking features. This simplifies the process of attaching tracking information to unique ad creatives. Serve and rotate creatives evenly, weighted, or optimize for performance with ease. Swap, add, or remove creatives on the backend — no need to send out updated tags to Publishers or Platforms.

Measurement & Reporting

Measure media performance across channels and devices with an industry-leading attribution tool. Understanding Multi-channel attribution of campaigns is a breeze with built-in reporting tools. Cross-Device Conversion Reporting shows the effectiveness of advertising campaigns across all environments, regardless of the device or environment where the user converts. Path to Conversion Reporting enables better understanding of how the user was exposed to advertising leading up to the conversion. The Attribution Modeling Tool provides insight into how conversions occurred against different attribution models and allow for the ability to create custom models. 

Powerful Integrations

Direct connections to tools like Google Tag Manager 360, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Data Studio 360, Google Analytics 360, and Firebase reduce headaches and make tag deployment, ad targeting, and advanced measurement easy to execute. Campaign Manager also can be integrated with third-party demand-side platforms (DSP’s).