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Workarea Commerce Cloud is an enterprise-grade open-source eCommerce platform that serves fast-moving innovative retailers who require both flexibility and scalability. Coming from retail roots, Workarea’s high-performance system is capable of powering both eCommerce and retail experiences. 

A relationship that spans several years, Bounteous was one of Workarea’s very first solution partners. Both focussed on serving B2B and high-growth retailers, Bounteous and Workarea came together to deliver exceptional digital transformations for their clients.


  • Comprehensive, customizable commerce platform
  • Enterprise-grade, open-source for fast-moving retailers
  • Seamless migrations for a strong foundation

Comprehensive, Customizable Commerce Platform

Workarea is one of the most complete commerce platforms available to retailers, which allows Bounteous’ team of dedicated Workarea platform developers to focus less on platform customizations and more on what matters. Whether it be migrating a retailer from another commerce platform to Workarea, or some of our most recent work involving an end-to-end digital strategy and replatform for a leading retailer of frozen foods, Workarea’s platform is a strong foundation for a successful eCommerce project.

Enterprise-grade, Open-source for Fast-moving Retailers

As a premium partner and early adopters of the Workarea partner ecosystem, our dedicated Workarea platform team works with retailers to maximize the possibilities of the platform through design, development, integration, and digital marketing services. 

Seamless Migrations for a Strong Foundation

Year after year, our team’s collaboration and efficiency has grown to ensure the optimal outputs for our clients. With the commonality of Workarea’s retail roots and our deep eCommerce experience, together we help retailers meet and exceed their goals.

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