Digital Strategy & Co-Innovation

Working together to accelerate transformation

Collaborating on the ideas, products, and services that grow your digital future

Strategy is the North Star for long-term success. Drawing on expertise in analytics, experience design principles, digital platform knowledge, and audience management capabilities, we look at your questions from every angle to find an approach that can shift and scale as your business changes and grows. 

For those looking to accelerate digital strategy into innovation, we can combine your knowledge of your organization with our experience in the digital, physical, and personal spaces in which you play to determine the guiding principles and concrete steps that set you on the path to progress.

Through a co-innovation partnership, we can extend not just your team, but we help you achieve more in less time—satisfying customer needs and surpassing business goals. Gain internal buy-in and build a productive and succeeding culture through demonstrable product development progress.


  • Agile Transformation
  • Center of Excellence Implementation
  • Business Consulting
  • Architecture Modernization
  • Product Strategy
  • Experience Strategy
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Whether your motivation to innovate is growth, a disruptive competitor, or an external headwind, the need to be nimble in digital transformation is crucial now more than ever. Only businesses that move at digital speed thrive in a future of constant change. And the only way to move at digital speed tomorrow is to invest in a digital transformation today.

At its core, a digital strategy is a plan to accomplish a goal using digital tools. We know that looking at your goals with a narrow vision yields limited results—that fully understanding where you need to be means understanding the ocean of your ecosystem, then building a digital roadmap one cup of water at a time.

Through in-depth stakeholder interviews and a detailed digital maturity assessment, we ensure that your organization is ready to move forward together. Empowering your executives and employees helps create a powerful and accomplishable roadmap that you can execute to engage your customers, optimize your operations, and transform your product.

Competing and winning through scalable talent and methods through co-innovation

We define Co-Innovation as a collaborative form of innovation used by organizations in partnership with professional service firms to address the challenges inherent in digital transformation initiatives.​ Collaboration is the keyword, by collaborating in these partnerships organizations and teams within those organizations can learn from one another and leverage their core competencies.

Our integrated approach to this plan takes into account technology, people, processes, marketing, data, analytics, and more. Through our unique blend of technology expertise, methods and process, talented team members, and integrated data, we’ll work collaboratively and continuously with you, focused on your high-level business objectives.

co-innovation book cover

The Co-Innovation Manifesto

Looking to learn more about Co-Innovation? Download the manifesto, authored by CEO Keith Schwartz.