Custom Training with Bounteous

Drawing from over 12 years of hosting public training courses, Bounteous creates custom curriculums to teach corporate teams the methodologies and processes required to compete and win in the digital space. Your teams will benefit from increased confidence, create new best practices, and develop organizational alignment that reduces silos.

Bounteous provides custom educational trainings in a few different ways. One-time, standalone events create quick team alignment and foster technical competency. A series of courses, delivered as part of our enablement process, can cover a number of topics and foster inter-team communication and growth. We also deliver custom trainings as part of change management processes within existing client engagements.

Only 35% of companies have an official upskilling program in place. Remaining companies rely on ad hoc education despite 80% of employees reporting significant confidence boosts from education opportunities.
Source: Trading Journal

Choose from two categories of knowledge transfer curriculum: Topics & Technologies.


Our experts are thought leaders. We are quoted in major reports, speak at the top industry events, and routinely create new solutions to the biggest digital challenges. We lead by example, incorporating best practices and following standard methodologies in every client engagement, building confidence and repetition through successful projects.

For motivated organizations looking to improve internal processes and methods, we offer custom-tailored educational sessions and workshops around the following digital topics:

  • Agile Methodology    
  • Digital Analytics & Measurement Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Enterprise Email Marketing Management 
  • Enterprise Content & Asset Management 
  • Customer Journey Workshops
  • Personalization & Testing Strategy 
  • Search Engine Optimization Frameworks


Bounteous has deep partnerships with many industry-leading technology providers. This affords us a rare level of expertise. Our experts hold over 250 technology certifications. We transfer this knowledge to your teams through focused curriculum and workshops that teach not only platform management and execution, but also strategy and integration.

We adapt our public training offerings to individual company needs to cover the following technologies and beyond.

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Internal feedback from our week of Bounteous training has been excellent. We have noticed that interest and adoption of Google Analytics have improved quite a bit following the training. We are also seeing more interest around other GMP tools like Data Studio.

Arnaub Tagore
Royal Bank of Canada

How Will a Custom Training Empower My Team?

  • Get the team on the same page — Create organization alignment in a cost-effective way.  We can train many people at once and get them up to speed on your company’s learning objectives.
  • Create a custom learning experience — Curriculum can be customized to support your objectives. Bounteous can tailor one of our public training days for your organization or we can get as granular or as high-level as needed to create the program your team needs. We’ll even use your company’s own data in content creation so the examples and scenarios are as relevant as possible. 
  • Save on travel and time out of the office — Our expert educators travel to your on-site location or schedule virtually, reducing or eliminating travel time your employees would normally need to take to visit an off-site training, as well as minimize time away from the office. We are happy to screen share to include remote employees and record our session for your future internal use.

Consider custom training as a way to build excitement and alignment internally while educating a large number of team members.

How Can I Get Started?

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