Our Courses

From Google Analytics to Google Optimize, we have the Google Marketing Platform covered! Take a look at our course descriptions and find a class that fits your interests.

Google Marketing Platform Quickstart

Our “quickstart” workshop around the Google Marketing Platform is designed to help decision-makers get up to speed on product capabilities, how they work together, and if your existing products are set up correctly!

Google Analytics Seminars

Explore using Google Analytics to gather more meaningful data, analyze it better, and make your website perform. From basic definitions to event tracking to cross-domain tracking, we have you covered.

Google Analytics 4 Properties Workshop

Google Analytics 4 (beta name: App + Web) is not an upgrade to Universal Analytics — it is an entirely new version of Google Analytics that allows for flexibility in collecting analytics data from both app and web platforms. By the end of this course you'll be ready to take on Google Analytics 4 properties with your organization.

Search Advertising Seminars

Search Advertising covers the basics of paid search, incorporating relevant examples in Google Ads and encouraging strategies for sustained growth to incorporate strategy and maximize budget.

Display & Media Advertising Seminars

The Display & Media seminars are designed to teach attendees display advertising best practices through the Google Display Network and enterprise products like Display & Video 360.

Google Tag Manager Workshops

Learn the ins and outs of Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics in our hands-on workshops - from working a full site implementation to using features like Zones and approval workflows in Google Tag Manager 360.

Google Data Studio Workshops

Get familiar with the free reporting tool Data Studio, which helps you visualize data from Google Analytics and more. These interactive workshops take you from the basics of creating Data Studio reports to more advanced integrations and reporting features.

Google Optimize Workshop

You have the visitors — get them to take action. We cover the basics of Google Optimize, a free tool that can be used to easily test your website. This collaborative workshop covers the various types of testing, from A/B tests to the beginnings of personalization.

Google BigQuery Workshop

This workshop is designed to give you a thorough understanding of how Google Analytics 360 data can be accessed through BigQuery for powerful insights.

Custom On-Site Training

If you're not seeing a course that fits your team's needs, we can work with you to create custom content. We'll even come on-site to teach it! Check out what benefits a custom on-site training can provide for your organization.