Google Optimize Workshop

You've got them to the site, now let's make sure they convert.

We’ve long taught about driving traffic to your website and measuring traffic that arrives there. Geared towards improving conversion rates, this course includes the fundamental strategies describing website testing and measurement as well as functional implementation tips and tricks.

Our trainers are actually consultants here at Bounteous, working every day in the materials they’ll be teaching – so you’ll get real-world tips and someone who can answer the difficult questions.

Google Optimize 101

You’re able to generate traffic to your site, now what? How do you know what gets them to convert? This introductory course is aimed to give you a basic understanding of Google Optimize and best practices to conversion optimization.

Business Benefits
  • Plan, build and implement your very own A/B tests.
  • Improve conversion rate on your site and overall website performance.
  • Understand your test results and reporting.
  • Launch successful optimizations within minutes.
Who Should Attend?
  • Digital marketers looking to create and manage their own accounts.
  • Managers needing to staff their Conversion Optimization efforts.
  • Common attendee roles: Personalization Specialist, Personalization Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Associate Director Marketing Services.
  • Basic knowledge of CSS selectors will be helpful, but not necessary.
  • Attendees do not need to be Google Analytics experts, but knowledge of key metrics, Goals, and Events will be helpful as you implement Google Optimize.
  • Google Chrome is required for the workshop portion of the course.
Course Overview

Conversion Optimization Best Practices
What do we hope to achieve through conversion optimization, what’s reasonable, and what’s achievable? We’ll introduce the concepts of optimization and the theory behind it.

Developing a Framework
The class will introduce a framework for examining a page’s effectiveness, practicing on live examples, and learning to ask the right questions. Learn valuable lessons that can be applied to your own site to help identify areas for improvement.

Testing Strategy
An important part of website experimentation is making sure that only the correct people are included. In this section, we’ll cover best practices with targeting through Google Optimize, with an eye for the best user experience. We’ll discuss some differences between Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360, with the introduction of Audience targeting from Google Analytics.

Designing the Experiment
How do we craft a valid test on our website? It all starts with proper planning and hypothesizing your expected results. Learn how to turn general ideas into a viable experiment with actionable results. Choosing the metrics that we test for has never been easier with the live connection to Google Analytics. We can use familiar metrics and Goals to design smart and efficient experiments.

Test Implementation in Google Optimize
Together, we’ll introduce the Google Optimize interface, working as a group to explore the many features and design an effective experiment. We’ll set up targeting, hypothesize the results, set objectives, and use the visual interface to create variations in real-time on example websites.

Success Metrics and Reporting
When an experiment finishes or fails to reach a conclusion, how do we turn around and understand the reporting? We’ll go through the reporting options inside of Google Optimize as well as the linked Google Analytics View.

Dedicated Q&A Time
A 30 minute Q&A time where your instructors can help with any questions surrounding your accounts.