Display & Media Advertising Training

Our courses dedicated to DV360 and Google Display Network, labeled Display & Media Advertising, are perfect for those wanting a deep-dive into display and video advertising practices.

Media 101 takes attendees through display advertising via Google Ads in the Google Display Network (GDN) and Media 201 details Display & Video 360 for enterprise companies.

While the courses are labeled ‘101’ and ‘201’ you do not have to take them in succession – choose which product fits your company’s current media buying needs.

Our trainers are actually consultants here at Bounteous, working every day in the materials they’ll be teaching – so you’ll get real-world tips and someone who can answer the difficult questions.

Media 101 – Google Display Network

Attendees will learn the basics of display and video advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN) via Google Ads. This course will outline a variety of topics including account organization & structure, navigation, best practices, optimization, audience strategy and reporting. We’ll walk through how to design, build and successfully manage display and video campaigns towards various marketing objectives, from research to implementation.

Attendees should be using Google Ads and have a basic understanding of common paid advertising metrics and concepts.

Intro To Display & Video Advertising

  • What is Display & Video Advertising?
  • How Does Display & Video Advertising Work?
  • What is the Goal of Display & Video Advertising?
  • What Are Similarities & Difference Between Search and Display?

Planning & Building A Campaign

  • Defining & Tracking Goals
  • Account Navigation
  • Settings, Targeting, & Bidding
  • Best Practices

Creative Overview

  • Formats
  • Common Sizes & Specs
  • Best Practices

Actively Managing A Campaign

  • Budgets and Pacing
  • Analyzing Reports and Metrics Over Time
  • What to Look For & How to Adjust

Taking It To The Next Level

  • Intro to Remarketing
  • Audience Strategy
  • Limitations of GDN
  • How Can Display & Video 360 Help?

Media 201 – Display & Video 360

NOTE: It is strongly encouraged that you already have access to DV360 as demo account access cannot be provided on an individual basis.

When the Google Marketing Platform launched this summer, they announced a new tool called Display & Video 360, combining features from DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Center.

Display & Video 360 (DV360) is a single, integrated platform that helps creative, data, and media teams collaborate on end-to-end digital marketing campaigns. Learn how the DV360 demand-side platform (DSP) integrates within the Google Marketing Platform, best practices and use cases, while asking questions about how to best use DV360 for your organization.

For this course, you should have a high-level perspective of your organization’s multi-channel marketing initiatives and be familiar with general targeting and reporting metrics standard within ad network interfaces.

Topics covered include:

  • Display & Video 360 and The Integrated Google Marketing Platform
  • DV360 Best Practices
  • Floodlights & Implementation
  • Targeting Available in DV360
  • DV360 Reporting
  • Workshop Time & Q&A