Shoptalk Meetup for Women

Virtual Event

Our female commerce leaders at Bounteous can't wait for the Shoptalk Meetup for Women! Make sure to grab some one-on-one time with them to ask any questions you might have about commerce and hear how Bounteous could help.

Bounteous, named a leader among commerce service providers by Forrester, works with organizations to develop commerce solutions that are custom-fit to their unique business requirements. Partnering with best-of-breed platform and technology providers, Bounteous helps organizations create an ideal ecosystem to support their commerce practice.

Whether a retailer is looking to expand product line or manage third-party sellers through a marketplace solution, considering migrating to a platform that better aligns with their business, or a brand is seeking a flexible, headless, direct-to-consumer (D2C) solution, we have the partners and the experience to deliver.

Bounteous is proud to be a sponsor of Shoptalk Meetup for Women!


Allie Clark
VP, Business Development
Megan Donahue
VP, Business Development
Rachel Kesseler
Associate Director, Business Development (Adobe)