Activate for Adobe Campaign

An Adobe Experience Cloud Accelerator for Adobe Campaign Classic


Activate for Adobe Campaign is Bounteous' digital marketing foundation kit, built specifically for Adobe Campaign Classic. With this solution, companies can take advantage of pre-built campaign templates, platform monitoring, and enhanced reporting capabilities to set the stage for successful cross-channel campaigning in Adobe Campaign.

Activate for Adobe Campaign allows clients to tap into the expertise of our specialized Adobe Campaign Classic practice through a collection of technology and processes. Companies can expect to take advantage of:

  • Activate Advisor Client Toolkit for Adobe Campaign: Easy to follow step-by-step instructions guiding IT and administrative tasks completed by our clients to ensure a smooth implementation.
  • Activate Academy for Adobe Campaign: A rapid enablement program comprised of deskside coaching and a proven training curriculum, customized to each specific client implementation.
  • Activate Accelerators for Adobe Campaign: Pre-built accelerator widgets for common campaigning needs, embedded with proven digital marketing best practices and regulatory compliance processes.

Together, our Activate Accelerators for Adobe Campaign, Activate Advisor Client Toolkit for Adobe Campaign, and Activate Academy for Adobe Campaign accelerate the path to value realization by minimizing the cost and time to launch your digital marketing campaigns within Adobe Campaign Classic.


  • IP Warming Readiness
  • Optimized Reporting
  • Send-Time Optimization
  • Partner Marketing & Optimization Campaigns
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Platform Monitoring

IP Warming Readiness

Easily import and deploy to your engaged audiences following an IP Warming plan, while syncing unsubscribed and invalid emails with your incumbent campaign platform to ensure regulatory compliance across CAN-SPAM, CASL, GDPR, and other critical legislation. IP Warming can be a lengthy (and sometimes cumbersome) process, but our IP Warming Readiness package provides all the foundational workflows required to facilitate a quick and smooth start to IP Warming.

Optimized Reporting

Extend out-of-the-box Adobe Campaign reporting with optimized in-tool views of deliverability health across domains and IP addresses. Our data extraction widgets also send detailed performance data to other reporting and analytics systems to support a deeper analysis of marketing impact across omnichannel communication strategies.

Send-Time Optimization

Many tools provide out-of-the-box support for send-time optimization based on open and click engagement. However, we've taken send-time optimization one step further with our Send-Time Optimization package. This feature allows marketers to communicate with customers at key times of day in their specific timezone using our timezone deployment workflows. Schedule batch campaigns to deploy at a certain time, with peace of mind knowing they'll arrive in inboxes exactly when you intend for each timezone.

Partner Marketing & Optimization Campaigns

Execute various partner marketing, co-marketing, and campaign optimization initiatives using our packaged workflow templates for managing external list loads. These workflows build audiences in Adobe Campaign based on external data sources, allowing you to deploy co-marketing campaigns to partner audiences, target audiences based on data that lives in other systems, or even add sophistication to how you identify and split audiences for multivariate campaign testing. With the flexibility these workflows offer the campaign possibilities are endless!

Campaign Monitoring

Track individual campaign deployments to ensure delivery of the right message at the right time to the right audience, using digital campaign seeds. We know campaign monitoring through seed lists is a common need amongst modern marketers in order to track delivery success, optimize inbox placement, identify message rendering issues across clients and devices, and even alert key stakeholders when marketing messages deploy. Our campaign monitoring package makes seed list management in Adobe Campaign easy, allowing you to ingest various recipient lists into Adobe Campaign to be included in campaign deployments requiring monitoring.

Platform Monitoring

Identify performance-zapping problems quickly to keep Adobe Campaign operating efficiently. These monitoring tools help to reduce database bloat, free up platform resources, and ensure platform scalability over time. Our Platform Monitoring package includes a set of 10 pre-defined, in-tool queries to identify which workflows, deliveries, and audience lists are in states that require intervention to avoid undesirable impacts to platform performance.

Technical Details

  • Built with the latest versions of Adobe Campaign Classic
  • Built according to Adobe best practices for maintainability
  • Embedded with proactive alerting mechanisms, regulatory compliance, and digital campaigning best practices
  • Royalty-free, perpetual license to use and modify accelerator widgets


Not Sure Where to Start?

Activate seems like a great fit, but you’re not sure about your business needs. We get it - and we know that a great experience starts with strategy. Reach out and we’ll help map your digital future.