Adobe Campaign Manager

Adobe Campaign Manager can help you take control of outbound cross-channel marketing campaigns. With Adobe Campaign, you have the tools to create remarkable campaigns to resonate across your audiences, channels, and screens. You can deliver contextually relevant messages to everyone on your CRM database with improved campaign automation, deliverability, and reporting.

We can help you properly use all the robust features that Adobe tools have to offer, to make sure you are not wasting time on unnecessary configurations or churning through data that could be better organized. We also have expertise integrating Adobe Campaign with other Adobe Experience Cloud products for organizations looking to maximize their Adobe investment. Our teams make sure a strategic approach is at the core of our technological solutions, and continue to support you after new tools are deployed.


  • Adobe Campaign Classic
  • Adobe Campaign Standard

Adobe Campaign Classic

This enterprise tool for omnichannel orchestration facilitates customer journey management across email, mobile push, SMS, and direct mail. It is a great fit for organizations who desire a tool with open architecture, powerful third-party integration capabilities, and flexible deployment options. Adobe Campaign Classic can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises, for organizations that prefer the added security of running Campaign on their internal environment.

Adobe Campaign Standard

A new cloud-native product, this tool provides omnichannel orchestration capabilities across email, mobile push, SMS, and direct mail through a marketer-friendly UI that is easy to use and maintain. The fully cloud-hosted nature of this solution offers lower total cost of ownership for budget-conscious organizations.



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