Adobe Summit Webinar Series: Building a DAM Strategy Coupled with XML Documentation For Scalable Knowledge


This event is part of the Bounteous' WTF (What's That For) webinar series in preparation for Adobe Summit. View more details on the entire program, and enter to win a giveaway, at Adobe Summit Experience!

The fifth Webinar in Bounteous' WTF (What's That For) event series, focuses on building a successful digital asset management (DAM) strategy and XML Documentation's role in effective digital transformation. Join our team of experts as they discuss the value these solutions provide to organizations with large asset inventories, by building streamlined workflows and increased content velocity.

Here to answer your pressing questions on XML documentation and successful DAM strategies, our team will educate and enable you to transform your digital experience for consumers.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The collaborative process and benefits of defining an overall DAM structure.
  • How to utilize the XML Documentation for AEM to generate pages and content.
  • How to implement a successful DAM structure coupled with XML Documentation.
  • Ways to structure technical content at scale.

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