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Bounteous Presents the WTF (What's That For) Virtual Experience

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After a series of unfortunate events (2020), Bounteous presents the WTF Series: What's That For. Following your Adobe Summit experience, we are here to help you navigate your digital WTF moments.

Whether you attended Adobe Summit or not, our team of leading industry experts is here to help you better understand the value of digital solutions across the Adobe Experience Cloud. Through a series of webinars and thought leadership pieces, Bounteous will help you build the foundation to maximize your digital experiences. 


Adobe Summit Speaking Session Featuring TiVo

Re-watch the TiVo and Bounteous session at Adobe Summit 2021 as our teams discuss Magento's role as the backend commerce engine and integration center point to support a streamlined experience for customers through Restful APIs and GraphQL.

Rethinking TiVo's E-commerce Touchpoints to Scale at Speed


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Did You Miss Our WTF (What's That For) Webinar Series?

No worries! Watch the recordings for each webinar below. Drawing insights from digital experience experts, this webinar series is an opportunity to understand the ins and outs of each Adobe Experience Cloud solution.

Not sure where to start? Contact us to schedule a call with one of our Adobe Experience experts!

Webinar #1: Creating Engaging B2B and B2B2C Commerce Experiences
Recording Available
Speakers: John Telford, Joy Xu, Raghu Kakarala
This event focuses on Business to Business (B2B) and Business To Business To Consumer (B2B2C) commerce experiences. Learn more about this event.

Webinar #2: Real-Time Personalization with a Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation Strategy
Recording Available
Speakers: Marc Infield, Kevin Haag, Gaetan Marmasse, Holly Quezada
This event focuses on the benefits of utilizing a Real-time Customer Data Platform (RTCDP) via Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). Learn more about this event.

Webinar #3: Going Headless with AEM and Magento - Creating Seamless Digital Experiences
Recording Available
Speakers: Brett Birschbach, Ali Moussa, Scott Hawley, Steven Carter
This event focuses on going headless with AEM and Magento while creating personalized commerce experiences. Learn more about this event.

Webinar #4: Achieving Advanced Personalization with Adobe’s Experience Cloud Foundation and Accelerators
Recording Available
Speakers: Brendan Walsh, Sean McQuaide, Abhilash Sape, Paul Rohrbeck, Ryan Hurley
This event focuses on achieving advanced personalization with Adobe’s Foundation package and using accelerators in your digital transformation strategy. Learn more about this event.

Webinar #5: Streamlining Workflows While Saving Time and Money with Adobe Forms and Adobe Sign
Recording Available
Speakers: John Anthony, Ali Moussa
This event focuses on utilizing Adobe Forms and Adobe Sign for delivering end-to-end digital forms and journeys while accelerating your business with e-signatures. Learn more about this event.

Webinar #6: Building a DAM Strategy Coupled with XML Documentation For Scalable Knowledge
Recording Available
Speakers: Steven Carter, Daniel Coll, Brett Birschbach
This event focuses on building a successful digital asset management (DAM) strategy and XML Documentation's role in effective digital transformation. Learn more about this event.


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