Bounteous Service Packages for Adobe Applications

Deliver Optimal, Individualized Customer Experiences at Scale

Bounteous, a leading Adobe partner, is focused on helping enterprise clients win digitally. We understand the difficulties many organizations face when trying to create personalized and seamless customer experiences at scale. 

Adobe’s Real-Time CDP (RTCDP), Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), and Journey Optimizer (AJO) technologies address common challenges of audience activation, experience orchestration, and journey analysis. Bounteous’ service packages for these solutions give enterprise clients a customizable roadmap to begin delivering unique experiences to customers at scale.

Service Packages

  • Audience Activation
  • Journey Analysis
  • Experience Orchestration

Audience Activation

Adobe Real-Time CDP 

Adobe Real-Time CDP allows organizations to streamline the flow of data, create a single view of the customer, and activate audiences to build seamless experiences across devices and touchpoints. The Audience Activation Package can be customized for a business’ specific needs from platform configuration to segmentation to roadmap creation, and more.

*Economies of scale when bundling audience activation with journey analysis and experience orchestration

Journey Analysis

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics 

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics connects multi-channel data to give journey-based insights to inform the next best experience for customers in the moments that matter. Depending on the existing Adobe footprint and technologies at play, the journey analysis package is designed to uniquely unlock a brand's capability to understand the full customer journey by moving beyond siloed, channel–based data collection and analysis.

*Economies of scale when bundling journey analysis with audience activation and experience orchestration

Experience Orchestration

Adobe Journey Optimizer Package

Adobe Journey Optimizer supports real-time, 1:1 personalization and offer decisioning across audiences, channels, and screens. The Experience Orchestration package is designed to help clients accelerate their path to value realization with AJO through implementation of an initial set of MVP use-cases. From there, the package can be customized with additional use cases selected by each client. 

*Economies of scale when bundling experience orchestration with audience activation and journey analysis

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