MarTech Conference - Become a Category Leader by Pairing Co-innovation With Data Activation

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During the MarTech Conference Bounteous' Dave Mankowski, Chief Growth Officer, and Jonathan Weber, VP, Data Strategy & Activation, shared how the Co-Innovation model drives success for companies like Domino's Pizza, Shake Shack, Caesars Entertainment, Wawa, and Proofpoint.

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Bounteous was a proud sponsor of the MarTech Conference 2021.

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Whether focused on improving digital experiences to distinguish their brand and attract new customers, companies today tackling digital transformation need a winning strategy and a re-examination of their methods and frameworks for innovation. What's required to successfully compete and win in your digital transformation efforts requires new modes of working across customer experiences and marketing technology, establishing shared goals and risk, and defining the key outcomes of data activation strategies.

After watching this session, you'll be able to:

  • Understand why Critical Insights are the catalyst for innovation and how Digital Flow continuously turns data into insights, insights into action, and brands into category leaders
  • Explain where Data Activation can fail, and how to get it right


Dave Mankowski
Chief Growth Officer
Jonathan Weber
VP, Data Strategy & Activation