A Look Back At The TYPO3 San Francisco Conference

June 18, 2011
By Kevin Mitchell,
Lead Developer

This year’s TYPO3 conference here in San Francisco was great for many reasons, but far and away the greatest thing about the conference was the wonderful group of people that I met.

There are too many names to name, but suffice it to say that my sense of the breadth of the TYPO3 community has grown exponentially! Not only were the people great, but the event itself was a huge success (go team!). It’s pretty awesome to see the city of San Francisco from the eyes of so many new to the city.

At the center of all of the fun of course was TYPO3, and I learned a TON. Highlights for me included sessions about Apache Solr for TYPO3 search integration, the future of TYPO3 Phoenix including the Aloha editor, and customer content elements with Extbase. Lots of great content, and lots of great tools to help make a better and more full experience for our clients.

It was great to see just how large the TYPO3 community really is, and the number of intelligent, committed developers and integrators who are part of the project. It?s pretty clear that TYPO3 has a bright future (have you seen how slick the Aloha editor is?! It’ll be part of the next major TYPO3 release!).

It’s also nice to remember just how large the TYPO3 install base is. Sometimes being in the US it’s easy to forget just how well tested and generally gigantic TYPO3 really is. For instance, did you know that Congstar (a German telecommunications company) is run on TYPO3? Everything from their public facing website, to customer portals, to their e-commerce suite. Living in the Bay Area it can sometimes feel as though we’re surrounded by nothing but a sea of Drupal and WordPress. It was great to be reminded of just how vibrant and powerful the TYPO3 ecosystem really is.

So thanks to everybody who came to our fair city for the conference. I met lots of great new friends I?m looking forward to seeing again next year!

Anybody have any highlights they’d like to share?