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Bounteous has partnered with Acquia to empower marketing organizations to deliver more transformative and personal customer experiences by leveraging customer data and machine learning from the very start. With Acquia’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), Bounteous is able to integrate data across systems and channels to create unified, enriched customer profiles. From there, the teams can orchestrate personalized messages and offers in real-time, delivering better customer experiences and helping to calculate the right level of investment to maximize ROI.

Customer Data Platforms in Action

Bounteous and Acquia recently hosted a session at Acquia Engage on Customer Data Platforms. The session covers how to co-innovate with customers, define a CDP strategy, and gain organizational alignment to fully leverage a CDP from the very start.

Why Does This Matter to You?

Marketing organizations today are faced with delivering more transformative and personal customer experiences than ever before. With a Customer Data Platform, companies have the ability to aggregate and organize customer data across touchpoints to collect and structure real-time data into individual, centralized customer profiles that drive segmentation and audience creation for targeting in channel platforms. Customer Data Platforms enable marketers to be confident they're targeting the right people with the right messages. This means no more wasteful campaign spending or content development that isn't in sync with what your audience truly cares about.

How Does it Work?

Bounteous and Acquia have partnered to develop and launch Acquia Customer Data Platform QuickStart Packages to empower marketing organizations to deliver more transformative and personal customer experiences by leveraging customer data and machine learning from the very start.

In order to help create effective customer engagements at all stages of the journey, Bounteous and Acquia have rolled out a scaling suite of implementation packages to best embrace a CDP and onboard your team. Together, we define strategy and uncover specific use cases to drive successful activations across multiple channels at various levels of maturity and investment.

Our Customer Data Platform Solution Includes:

  • Business objective workshopping
  • Architecture review and data source audits
  • Strategy and platform configuration
  • Persona and customer journey development
  • Data ingestion, transformation, and identity management
  • Advanced analytics and customer modeling
  • Channel integration and activation
  • Team enablement and training
Learn More About Our QuickStart Packages

As a long-standing Acquia Global Partner, the first Acquia Personalization Solutions Partner, and a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, Bounteous is paving the way in improving the customer experience to maximize conversion and drive business results. We help brands increase their revenue and profitability by using machine learning to drive customer lifetime value, return visits, loyalty, time to convert, and so much more.

Jonathan Weber
VP of Data Strategy and Activation

Customer Data Platform Resources

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