Akeneo is a leading Product Information Management (PIM) solution that provides a single place to collect, manage, enrich, and syndicate product data through a company’s various channels like commerce sites, marketplaces, print, mobile, and more. As an Akeneo Solution Partner headquartered in North America, we help companies create and deliver compelling product experiences through award-winning Akeneo PIM implementations. 

High-quality and complete product data allows our customers to more readily grow their lines of business that depend upon product information. Companies rely on us to handle navigating complex data relationships and performing the advanced data modeling needed for successful PIM implementations. Product Experience improvements come through simplifying product information management, establishing a “single source of truth” about your products, and giving your marketing and merchandising teams the tools they need to power engaging personalized customer journeys. 

We bring 20+ years of experience with enterprise data management to each implementation. We have delivered many of the largest Akeneo PIM implementations in North America. Our highly certified team is uniquely positioned to integrate Akeneo PIM to improve the quality and consistency of your product data that delivers the product experiences that drive bottom-line results.


  • Akeneo PIM
  • Akeneo Onboarder
  • Akeneo Franklin

Akeneo PIM 

Our team is committed to helping you improve your business by implementing Akeneo in a way that reflects your organization’s unique requirements and keeps your implementation on-track. Working with the latest enterprise commerce and Experience Management platforms, we can partner with you to help guide everything from requirements gathering to solution design to technical implementation. We specialize in connecting tools together, and recently contributed to developing Akeneo’s enterprise Magento connector that allows the PIM to automatically exchange data between Akeneo’s PIM and Magento 2. 

Akeneo Onboarder

The Akeneo Onboarder provides a template-driven environment to collect product information from your suppliers to feed into your Akeneo PIM directly. The Onboarder makes it easier and faster for companies to collect product information from suppliers without the normal back and forth that takes time and effort.

Designed for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors and using the same Akeneo PIM interface, the Onboarder operates as a “mini-PIM,” giving your suppliers a cloud-based environment that allows them to easily and rapidly provide their product information directly to your PIM. With Oboarder, suppliers don’t need access to your PIM instance and they can even use Onboarder to propose new products. The result is faster time-to-market through sharing the product information ingestion effort with your valued suppliers.

Akeneo Franklin

Your business needs accurate and complete product data. Franklin is a revolutionary new approach that addresses the problem of inaccurate and missing technical data. Using machine-learning to cull product content from trusted sources, Franklin automates building a “golden record” of technical data for your products. Franklin does this by accessing Akeneo’s data pool of 50 million – and growing – technical product pages. By using Franklin, you are able to reduce costs and more easily and accurately complete the enrichment of your products’ technical information.