Discount Tire

PitPass Store Operations Boosted by AWS DynamoDB

Discount Tire, an independent tire and wheel retailer based in the U.S., wanted to launch an innovative retail experience designed to integrate technology with rapid tire and wheel services from the comfort of a customer's vehicle in a drive-thru experience.

  • Logistics
  • Cloud & DevOps

Business Issue

Discount Tire aimed to revolutionize the tire and wheel purchase and installation process with their new concept, PitPass. The challenge was to transform the traditional experience into a streamlined drive-through service, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Pioneering the store number one launch of PitPass, Discount Tire aimed to elevate the tire and wheel purchase and installation process. This innovative initiative was centered on enabling an industry-leading store experience that promised to transform customer interactions through efficiency and enhanced satisfaction. With sustained support for PitPass, the goal was to set new benchmarks for service delivery while ensuring the venture's long-term success and scalability.

We utilized AWS DynamoDB to manage the high-velocity data required for the seamless operation of the inaugural PitPass store. The NoSQL database service offered the scalability and performance necessary for real-time transaction processing and inventory updates.

Through DynamoDB’s robust data management and storage capabilities, we crafted a customer service model that significantly accelerated service delivery and enriched the overall customer journey.

Our continuous support and technology innovation with AWS DynamoDB integration have helped maintain Discount Tire’s industry-leading position, ensuring reliability and agility across all operational facets.


These transformative efforts yielded significant achievements, including a dramatic reduction in wait times. Customer wait times were cut by 50%, marking a substantial improvement in service speed and efficiency.

Additionally, a 30% increase in customer satisfaction scores was realized, attributed to the expedited and frictionless customer experiences facilitated by the advanced capabilities of AWS DynamoDB.

The project not only set a new standard for PitPass, it also fortified Discount Tire’s commitment to redefining the industry’s service benchmarks.