Next-Gen Diagnostic Tool Impacts the Service Agility of Customer Facing Units

A leading British multinational telecommunications company aimed to develop a next-generation diagnostic tool to serve as a common capability for customer-facing units (CFUs). This tool was designed to detect, isolate, and correct malfunctions in telecommunications lines, improving the initial stages of the customer network fault journey.

  • DevOps & Cloud Managed Services
  • 15%Reduction in tests with ‘no fault’ outcome
  • ~300Per week reduction in repeat faults found by diagnostic tests

Business Issue

The client faced significant challenges with their existing diagnostic tools. More than 250,000 broadband diagnostic tests were conducted weekly, with 50% showing no fault. The inflexibility of the tools meant it took about a year to incorporate any changes, leading to a lack of service agility due to outdated technology in their fault management system.


We implemented a robust fault management system to run diagnostic tests across telecommunications lines. This solution allowed customer-facing units to customize workflows, significantly increasing service agility. The next-gen tool provided quick, recommendation-based solutions by delivering fault test outcomes and integrating feeds from downstream APIs.

The platform's GUI was revamped to improve user experience and make workflows more agile. A knowledge-based tool was introduced to enhance diagnostic accuracy, and the systems were developed to be Cloud and DevOps compliant.


The implementation led to a 15% reduction in tests with a ‘no fault’ outcome and approximately 300 fewer repeat faults per week. This minimized the need for manual site visits and running diagnostics on different circuits, significantly improving operational efficiency.